Tuesday, 5 February 2013

6 Excellent Reasons To Attend Redcamp13

Photo from: www.reddeerkiwanis.org
(the following is a post from Diane Roberts, @robertsdrb.  This post can also be found here.)

Redcamp13…Red Deer’s first #edcamp is set to happen on May 11, 2013 at Glendale Sciences and Technology School.  We are excited to see a number of people signed up and as we’ve been chatting with people about it, it is very clear the buzz is growing, kind of like that flashmob thing.

We know that there are more people out there who have never experienced an edcamp and are on the fence about registering.  This has inspired the following list of reasons why YOU should come to Redcamp13:

1.     Meet people from your PLN in person – We are excited to meet people face-to-face with whom we've chatted and learned from on Twitter such as Brenda Giourmetakis @bgiourme,  Corrine Thorsteinson  @corthor1971  and Jasmine Travers @JasTravers
2.    Vote with your feet: engage in meaningful discussions about what YOU are interested in and what you feel will help you grow professionally.  If a session is not meeting your learning needs, move on to a different one.  It is okay to do this and no one’s feelings will be hurt.

3.    Learn from and with your peers... not that we have anything against experts, researchers, and consultants because we very much value their work and insights into the field of education but with an “unconference” like #edcamp, the expertise IS the room.  We do not have to limit our learning to someone with a book to sell on Amazon.  We are looking forward to learning from our very smart and insightful colleagues who are doing amazing things in their classrooms and schools every day.

4.    Share your knowledge, ideas, thoughts, practices with others  – present a session or host a session on something you are passionate about.  We are thrilled to hear that Amanda McCrimmon (@missmccrimm), 4th year Red Deer College BEd student-teacher already has a session ready to share on the topic of Creating a Safe Environment for LGBTQ Students.

5.    Hang out in Red Deer with really cool people like us.   

Our group of #Redcamp13 organizers keeps growing.  So far we are:

In addition to Redcamp13 “the day”, we are also planning a social event at a local establishment the night before.  This may just be where some of the best conversations will begin!

6.     Last but not least…the first 200 registrants get a cool #Redcamp13 t-shirt!  Why not sign up today and guarantee yourself some swag?  You’ll have a lasting souvenir of being an edcamp PIONEER!  An early-adopter of a new way of “doing professional development”.  How cool is that?

Sign up for Redcamp13 today!

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