Monday, 13 May 2013

Let's Talk Twitter!

I'm here to share about Twitter & RedCamp13!

This past weekend I was privileged to have attended the very first #RedCamp13 in Red Deer, Alberta! EdCamp is a free conference for primary and secondary school educators who go knowing they will have an opportunity to contribute to and discuss various topics. I recently attended #EdCampYYC in Calgary, Alberta and the word spread that there would be another one in Red Deer.

As a pre-service teacher, I loved that EdCamp gave me the opportunity to facilitate a discussion. I had a voice and was able to learn from those who attended our discussion. Naturally, I went to this conference with my sidekick (or fellow student teacher) @jbechthold. We decided to facilitate a session together which was the perfect chance to share the neat opportunities we have had because of our connections on Twitter. Our session was titled, "Twitter: Being a 'Twerp' has its advantages" in which I talked about my experience as a Mystery Reader (see in a previous blog post and @jbechthold discussed how a combination of blogging and tweeting landed him as a guest blogger for a company in the USA called "alwaysprepped". With this, we were able to open up a discussion in which others talked about how Twitter has become a positive tool in their lives as educators.

I suppose, in a way, we chose this topic selfishly so that we could learn from other more experienced educators about how they use tools like Twitter and other forms of social media in their classrooms. But that's exactly what EdCamp is! EdCamp is a way for educators to share and learn from each other.

A Calgary educator mentioned how his class had been tweeting back and forth with a farmer who sent them pictures of his crops etc. Twitter also made it possible for his class to follow and be updated by the NASA astronauts currently in Space! So unbelievable; a live feed for his students.

Anyways, to keep this quick: Twitter is AWESOME. So many connections to be made, so much collaboration and "PD when I want it" (Educator who attended our session at RedCamp13),
I found EdCamp to be like Twitter in person! Everyone has a voice. I love that Twitter brought EdCamp to life and that I was able to collaborate in person with those I collaborate with on Twitter. It's amazing to see collaboration happening in both places - we were able to share what we were learning with those unable to be there all because of Twitter!

Thanks for reading and please share any comments you might have below :)

- Kirby Fecho