Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Is Everyone Creative?

The answer is simple.

We ignore our creative self as we get older, do more, and busy our brains with other things.  I believe that everyone is born with creative capacity.  I believe that the world we learn in does a great job of drilling this creativity out of us.  How sad is that?  There are loads of writing on the subject.  What I do know as an educator is that it is important to emphasize creativity in student learning.  It is a way for them to become innovators of their own learning.  It is a way for them to learn that failing IS part of life and sometimes leads to the next great idea.

I am blessed to teach in creative arts.  It is the way I do business in my classroom.  My hope would be that educators in all classrooms (not just the Arts) develop creativity as a way of learning subject matter.

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Trina Penner
Fine Arts Department (Drama, Technical Theatre, and Dance)
Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School