Sunday, 9 February 2014

Engaging Dialog at #redcamp14...

The conversations are beginning to heat up for #redcamp14! Our faithful and engaged registrants have already provided a proposed line up of sessions that would blow our socks off even if this was to be the end of the list (but we know it won't:) 

So far this May 31 in Red Deer, AB, participants will be choosing between these proposed sessions at #redcamp 2014... the "put it up on the board" process the morning of our event will tell us where the the highest levels of interest are, and that's where the conversations will go!
  • Resilient teaching and learning
  • Creative teaching and learning
  • Inquiry learning
  • Integrated curriculum/project-based learning in the middle school cohort
  • Inclusion
  • Learning workflow 
  • Mobile devices
  • Competency based learning vs. content based learning
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Google EDU teaching and learning environments
  • Curriculum redesign
  • Video tutorial creation
  •  ipad e-book creation 
  • Blogging in teaching and learning
  • The power of social networking in education
  • Teaching skateboarding in school
  • Empathetic teaching and learning 
  • Technology in the elementary classroom
  • The teenage brain
  • Mindfulness
  • Student leadership
  • Developmental Assets
  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory
  • Innovation Day/Genius Hour
  • Inspiring Ed
  • New AB Education Act/Regulations, Capital Planning, Infrastructure
  • The learner is the center in the 21st Century classroom
  • Digital leadership or how our school is using social media to gather data
  • The entrepreneurial student... and you!
  • Little Green Thumbs Program -
  • What can school gardens teach us?... Bring your shovel and smile and we'll show you!
  • I would be interested in sharing my journey of transforming my classroom into a 1:1 device classroom
  • Humane education - teaching that inspires compassion for animals, people and the environment
  • Learning Centers in secondary ELA classroom
  • The Great School Assembly
  • The Return of the "Redcamp Jam"
  • Response to Intervention
  • Improving School Literacy
If you are unfamiliar with how edcamps work, please go ahead and reference some of the stories from last year... Ron Eberts wrote about it here. Diane Roberts wrote about it here. Sean Grainger wrote about it here, and Kirby Fecho, a third year preservice teacher wrote about it here. We even had a #redcamp13 song last year! Hey Tim, Ev... what about an encore performance? See you all on May 31!